Swiss Electric—the only manufacturer invited by the Thailand Renewable energy Exhibition

 -The leader of permanent magnet direct-driving wind turbines technology, Swiss Electric, the only manufacturer who obtains the GL Type certificate (2010 version, 2MW), shows at the Thailand Renewable energy Exhibition on 3rd, with its “3 High and 1 Low” (at the same wind farm, with the same rated power, using the same blades and tower) wind turbines, and gets high appraisal from the wind farm owner and Thailand renewable energy professors.

-Thailand Renewable energy Exhibition is the largest scale energy exhibition, hosted by the UBM branch office, and supported by the Thailand energy industrial and governments, and the chairman of the Thailand energy committee as the special guest came to visit the exhibition. The exhibition has there halls, and the total stand is more than 15000 square meters. About 400 enterprises from 23 countries and district attended the exhibition, and the total exhibitor amount is about 22000.

-Thailand has plenty of wind resource, and the on-grid price is profitable, but the wind speed there is very low, so a high efficient low-speed wind turbine is demanded indeed. At the exhibition site, the 2MW permanent magnet direct-driving wind turbines of Swiss Electric (93m blades), with a cut-in speed 1.8m/s, and a long term financing service and 20 years maintenance advantage, attracted the eyes of the exhibitors.

-During the exhibition, Swiss Electric obtains more than 30 customers, and wins 73.5MW wind turbine contract. At the same time, SSE has signed the letter of intention ---“Technology transfer and cooperate to build a factory” with an Indian company, which will be helpful for Swiss Electric to the development in India.

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